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wow I haven't drawn in such a long time. And the things I draw now are just doodles... I need to work my hands again so they are more productive ;n;....

Have a doodle dump //slap

From top going clockwise: my DN cleric, rough sketch of personal work, my DN archer, Reaper, KuroKen, my DN babies, and the last two are Velskud from DN.

Yes I really like the game Dragon Nest 8'D YOU GUYS SHOULD PLAY TOO!!

And it's about OC questionnaire hhahahhhahahahahahha tagged by my beautiful friend Tiger 8D

1. Pick one of your OCs
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal

...... /goes to look through the OC list

Milizia OC: Valia Hyo Kang (강효)

OC: Valia Hyo Kang by VitriolicIntimacy

1. What is your name?
> My name is Valia Hyo Kang. Korean name is 강효 (强驍), which means Strong and Fast/Valor. Call me Val though!

2. Do you know why you were named that?
> I think my parents wanted me to grow up strong and courageous, so they gave me a name meaning valor! 

3. Are you single or taken?
> SINGLE!!!! It's okay though; it's not like I'm looking for any romance ;u;

4. Have any abilities or powers?
> Uhhh- I don't think you mean paranormal things, so I'll just say that I think my strength is being able to concentrate very well! But it's also my weakness because people often tell me that I ignore others when I'm concentrating.

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
> Mary-sue? I'm a manly man, not a girl! Hahaha, you are too funny!

6. What's your eye color?
> Deep Cyan? Blue?

7. How about hair color?
> Reddish orange. Under some lights, it looks a bit pink too. Weird, huh?

8. Have you any family-members?
> Mom (French) and Dad (Korean). Mom died of a cancer, and I think my dad's still in Korea. I haven't heard anything about getting remarried, so I think he's still alone. Who knows?

9. How about pets?
> No pets! Why would I have pets when I'm a manly man? Well, if I HAD to have, and I mean IF, and IF ONLY, and if I HAD TO HAVE ONE, I wouldn't mind a few dogs or few cats.... The animals tend to gather around me though. 

10. Now tell me something you don't like.
> Ghosts. Ghost stories. Horror. Movies, books, whatever-- anything horror related *shivers*

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
> I like playing cello! If I may say so, I'm pretty good with it hehehe

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
> Hmm... hmmmmm never intentionally. I try not to hurt others; I'm a medic!

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
>  No. Rather, I would try to save others.

14. What kind of animal are you?
> ...?  I'm a Homo sapiens.... Is this supposed to be a trick question?

15. Name your worst habits?
> I heard that I apologize too much. I- I even heard that it was annoying o(-<

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
> MISTER MAN!!!!! The school nurse who changed my life. I wish to be a person whom others can rely on, both physically and mentally.

17. are you Gay,  Straight, or Bisexual?
> Uhh I don't know fully yet, but straight. I haven't had the chance to think about these before, but so far when... w,w,w, when nature suddenly strikes me I- I think about f,f,f,f,f,fe-females. AALSKDgjhlskeEDG

18. Do you go to school?
> Milizia!

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
> I don't think I can be a good parent right now, but if this changes, yes.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
> If I'm thinking the right terms, I don't think so. I'm sorry ;n;

21. What are you most afraid of?
> Horror movies and becoming useless/unacknowledged. 

22. What do you usually wear?
> Milizia uniform. Before going to Milizia, I used to wear nice clothes around parents. I really enjoy hoodies and sport training pants.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
> Never wrong with some sour kiwis! Well, fruits usually.

24: Am I annoying you?
> No, you are not; no worries! I'm sorry if I made you think that way.

25. Well, it's still not over!
> O- okay! I'll work hard!!

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)
> I was definitely a high class. Now, middle I think. 

27. How many friends do you have?
> I-- uhh- none I think? I have s, some class mates *sniffles*

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
> PIES? Wow I really li-- *clears throat* Pies are alright. Too sweet for me though. But it's not like I wouldn't eat if someone asks me to eat it. 

30. Favorite drink?
> Water. Or juice-- preferably fruit ones.

31. What's your favorite place?
> A wide windowsill, small bed full of pillows, and hospitals/clinics.

32. Are you interested in anyone?
> Medic Officers so I can learn some know-hows and stuff from them. Hopefully.

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
> w,w,w,w,w, wh-wh- what cup--- oh. I'm a guy. Sadly, I'm only 155cm tall ;n; By the way, why would you ask a height for males and c,c,c,c,c-cupsizesdjfldf for girls? I hope you are not being a sexist! I mean, I don't think you are a sexist; it's just why would the questionnaires be diff-- .... Sorry, I'm shutting up now Q_Q

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
> .... I would rather just sit on the beach. 

35. What's your type?
> Hmm. I have no idea 8D...... No, really. I told you that I did not have time to think about these before... I'm sorry.

36. Camping or indoors?
> Indoors.

I got the version without the Mary-Sue Litmus Test so I'll just leave at this 8'D


no really, even if you are not tagged, go ahead!! hehehehe ^q^


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