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Milizia_app: Valia Hyo Kang by VitriolicIntimacy Milizia_app: Valia Hyo Kang by VitriolicIntimacy
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Full Name: Valia Hyo Kang
(강효 强驍); Preferred to be called "Val" or "Hyo"
Division: Medic
Class: Freshman

Age: 17
Height: 155 cm / 5'1''
Weight: 47 kg / 104 lb
Nationality: Place of birth: S. Korea [half French, half Korean]


STR: 0 - Not fond of sports; not very strong
AGI: 3 - Focused on how deft the hands are for medical operations
VIT: 2 -
INT: 2 - Not very smart; more of a hard worker
DEX: 3 - Focused on accuracy of his hands (again, med ops)
DEF: 0 - Though he is nimble, his body can't take a big force


:bulletred: Just - [strength] He doesn't show his emotions when it comes to how others bully him. However, when people whom he likes/knows get hurt or bullied, he flares, sometimes with his scalpels.

:bulletred: Calm - Usually he doesn't like violence, but when he gets annoyed/angry, he can get very violent (with his scalpels)

:bulletred: Hard working - [strength/weakness] He is not very smart, but he can concentrate very well if he wants to, allowing for more efficient use of time. However, he completely ignores what is going on around him when he is concentrating, so this ability can be his strength and weakness.

:bulletred: Conscious of Others - [strength/weakness] He is considerate to others and sensitive to what others think about him. His childhood led to him being almost too conscious of what others think about him, so he apologizes whenever he feels like he had done something wrong (which is frequent). Can be very annoying.

:bulletred: Shy - [weakness] He has hard time opening up to others. He acts respectfully on the outside, but he keeps his innermost thoughts to himself. When he opens to someone, he clings and depends on him/her, talking his deepest thoughts and feelings.
He is trying to change that and tries to act cheerful and funny, but usually fails to follow puns and jokes. Most of the times, he'll say something and it might feel very awkward. Ahhahaha


:star: Synopsis :star:
Because of his harsh childhood filled with disregard and hate by his parents, Val wants to help people and wants to be needed. He has seen deaths: his mother's and his beloved friend's. Spurred by the death of his friend, he applies for Milizia as a place to run away from his home and to understand the "True Peace" that his deceased friend frequently talked about. Val has deep expectations for Milizia, that, with the students' lives filled with raw life-and-death situations, the Academy will guide him to find the meaning of the "True Peace."


Val was born as the rightful heir to his Grandfather's large weapon and technology-focused multinational corporation (his father's side). Val's father, the Grandfather's son, married a French woman, his mother, after he found out that she bore his baby. Because they loved each other then, they got married even with the big opposition from Val's Grandfather. The family discriminated against non-purebloods, and so Val was at a disadvantage in inheriting the company. To make up for the disadvantage, His father pushed Val to do everything: studying hard, playing Cello, and sports --although he sucks at playing sports. When he was 6 years old, Val was pushed aside when his Uncle got married and bore a son, another rightful heir. Starting then, the relationship between his mother and his father began to fall apart.

After 8 more years, Val had just begun his high school, his niece had already finished middle school curriculum, his father ignored his existence, and his mother cursed him for being born and cried everyday for marrying into this dreadful household. His mother had developed a brain tumor from the heavy mental stress. Val had tried his best to please his parents, wanting to be praised for what he had accomplished, but they never did. He sometimes forgot how to laugh.

[High School]
When his mother's the brain tumor metastasized, Val changed his study from economics to biology, focusing on medical field. He was getting tired from the disregard of his parents, slowly beginning to think that he shouldn't have been born. His self-esteem plummeted, he couldn't see his values, and he rarely smiled.


One day, before the class started, Val was at a mens' bathroom, looking into the X-acto knife. Wondering if he shouldn't do it, Val absentmindedly pressed the sharp knife onto inside of his left wrist. When the red droplets of blood began to form, Val burst out crying, and pressed the knife harder. Would my parents know how I've been hurt inside if I showed them physically?

That was when he met his savior, his mentor, his beloved friend.

The man, coming into the men's bathroom while whistling a tune, saw what Val was doing. Alarmed, he took the knife out of Val's hand, then used his necktie to wrap it around the wound. He then hugged Val tightly, who was still crying uncontrollably.

"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. Hurting yourself is the worst way to talk your heart. Talk to me, I'll listen."

[Coming to Milizia]
Val was surprised to find out that the man was the school's nurse. At first he had a hard time talking about his family situations, but after a few weeks of small talks, he finally poured out his feelings deep inside. Every time Val came to the nurse's office to talk and cry the man would quietly listen first and then he would give his honest thoughts. With his help, Val was able to accept his mother's death and the following marriage of his father with a woman from a renowned company without much trouble. Val's personality became a bit brighter, and he was beginning to adopt more of an outgoing attitude.

A year before Val graduated from high school, the man announced that he will leave the school to apply as a military field nurse, helping in front line. When Val, shocked and in panic, came up and demanded the reason, the man just smiled and replied, "remember what I told you about the True Peace?" With that puzzling query, the man disappeared the next day.

After a few months of dull, monochromatic days without someone close to talk to, Val received a package, mailed by anonymous. Inside box were a heavily scratched and burnt military dog tag and a short notice of the death of the man and his will that instructed to give his dog tag to Val. After that, he treasured the dog tag and kept it around his left wrist all the time.

As the graduation time approached, Val looked around for a medical school that he could attend, hoping to dive into his medical practices and thus help people who are in need of him. That was when he came across the mention of Milizia from his Uncle who was discussing with Val's Grandfather about the business transaction with various military academies.

Thinking that the intense field works that tag along with military activities would help him understand why his friend had chosen to go into the front line and sacrifice his life, Val applied for Milizia. Afterall, he believed that the man had left him a secret assignment along with his dog tag, and it was Val's duty to figure out what the man wanted to tell him.

Current Merit Count: 0
Inventory/Stock: M9 (Beretta 92FS) Pistol

Trivias~ :iconcolorfulsparklesplz://sparkle

:bulletblue: Birthday: June 2nd

:bulletblue: Tries to act manly partly to not get looked down as childish, so he tries to cover what he really likes (sweets, soft things, etc.)

:bulletblue: He can speak English, but he prefers Korean. Doesn't know any French (IDEK). When he is angry or his emotion gets better of him, he blurts Korean words or talk in heavy Korean accent :iconmingplz:

:bulletblue: Likes:

-[secretly]Sweet things (cake, candy, chocolate, etc)
-[secretly]Soft and cute things (including animals, stuffed animals, etc)
- Salty things
- Fruits
- Sour things
- Helping others
- Playing cello

:bulletblue: Dislikes:

- Bitter things
- Bullying
- Sports
- Being wet, from rain, etc (likes showers and baths though)
- Darkness
:bulletblue: Gets cold very easily.

:bulletblue: Somehow he is very, very loved by animals-- they tend to flock around him

:bulletblue: His roommates for Med 03: Amaury Lachapelle Sauveterre and Vinh Xuan Ly

+) AHHHHHHH I CAN'T DO HISTORY. WHAT IS HISTORY /MING..... Might change later or revamp /crais
++) Will include some facial expressions later as a ref
+++) Valia Hyo Kang belongs to (c):iconvitriolicintimacy:
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